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How Strategic Website Designs Differ From Standard Website Designs

By Erin  |   Website Design

strategic websites are different than others

Don't be fooled. All website designs are not created equal.  

Here's a quick rundown that highlights some of the most noticeable differences between types of designs.

Standard website designs

Most web companies sell standard website designs.

A standard website design, like the ones provided by most average web companies, is oftentimes just a haphazard organization of standard website parts and pieces arranged on a page. Your logo. Some photos. Text. Some links.

Standard website designs are average and passable. They're almost always extremely affordable. They can be turned around quickly. They're "good enough", which is fine and dandy for many businesses.

With the explosion of pre-designed, cheap (and often free) design themes made easily available across the web during the past several years, a tremendous number of website designs that clients pay for are actually just pre-created templates that a web company has purchased and repurposed (without saying they've done so, unfortunately). 

Beautiful Website Designs

Going beyond standard website designs, some web companies provide their customers with beautiful website designs. These designs are the showstoppers. The ones that receive ooohs and aaahs. The ones that have unique bells and whistles that are simply downright gorgeous and impressive. 

Do these beautiful website designs help generate and increase sales?  Do they help businesses achieve their online goals? Maybe. Maybe not.  

Strategic Website Designs

A strategic website design is much, much more than a standard website design. It goes far beyond a beautiful website design (though strategic website designs are often beautiful).

A strategic website design...

  • is focused on a true purpose (e.g., selling downloads, generating online reservations)  
  • is created based on data, research, and informed decisions
  • is designed to achieve specific goals.

A strategic website design is custom-crafted to ensure increased interaction, leads, and sales for a client based on that client's unique target prospects, needs, products/services, and business goals.

A strategic design is focused on effectiveness.  It's built for ROI, not for the gratuitous showcasing of bells and whistles.  It's more than just a pretty face.  

Why Strategic Website Designs Cost More

As the creation of a strategic website design can require exponentially more work than that required to complete a standard design, the costs are significantly higher.  This means that although an effective strategic website design quickly pays for itself many times over, it's not the perfect solution for all companies.

While standard/cheap web designs can be purchased from average web companies for under $1000, the strategic website designs developed by our Denver website design company often run between $9000 - $50,000 depending on the size and complexity of the design required. 

Why? The development of a truly successful strategic website design requires not only more upfront work (such as extensive planning, research, and exploration), it requires things that cannot be bought: intuition, industry knowledge, years of experience, and a rock-solid understanding of sales psychology and marketing. (And yes, we offer all this and more.) 

Finally, keep in mind that these rough cost ranges are for the actual design work required during a website project and not the development, Content Management System integration, custom programming, testing, eCommerce, etc. also required to develop a lead and sales-generating website.

Strategic Website Design Case Study

We recently wrote a six-part strategic website design case study here in our blog. 

The case study walks you through the strategic design work we completed for a client during 2011 during a custom website development project. Have a look a part 1 of our website design case study.

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