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What We Do and DON’T Wish You This Thanksgiving

By Erin  |   Followbright News

old photo of a woman holding a turkey

(Note: This blog post assumes you're in or from the U.S. and celebrate Thanksgiving.)


Hello there, dear Followbright blog reader and friend.

This Thanksgiving, we're wishing you two simple things:

First, we wish you some time away from work and your daily routine (maybe even some quiet time) that allows you to reflect on all the wonderful things in your world you have to be thankful for.

Second, we wish you time (even if just a little bit) spent with friends and/or family with whom you genuinely enjoy spending time. Whether it's one person or fifty people, we hope you get to spend time with those you truly care about.

What we don't wish you

In the past week a couple of our clients have, sadly, shared they're going to be spending time with a large group of friends or family with whom they're not excited to spend time.

Thus, if you are spending time this holiday with a large group, we wish you a Thanksgiving that does NOT look anything like this photo:

a lot of men not having much fun at all

Everyone looks so... GRIM and SERIOUS here.

And actually, we know it's difficult to see some of the faces in this photo, so here are some closeups to show you just how much these fellows aren't enjoying their special dinner:

unhappy face 1 unhappy face 2 unhappy face 3 unhappy face 4 unhappy face 5 unhappy face 6

Again, we sincerely hope you have SO much more fun and SUCH a better time this Thanksgiving than the fellows in this photo.

And those are our wishes for your Thanksgiving. We really do hope you have a wonderful one.

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