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A Guerrilla Marketing Technique That Will Instantly Improve Your Credibility

By Erin  |   Online Marketing

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Today, we’re jumping into the hot topic of guerrilla marketing.

If you’re new to the term, guerrilla marketing is typically considered to be unconventional, low-cost techniques your business can use to draw attention to your products or services.

The beauty of guerrilla marketing is that it relies on your creativity and time, rather than a big budget.

One of the best guerrilla marketing techniques...

One of our favorite guerrilla marketing techniques is promoting your company via video testimonials from your customers—in your website, your blog, your social media channels, your email newsletters, etc.

Video testimonials provide an incredibly memorable way to connect with people, prove how good your business is, and strengthen your credibility.

We're not just saying this.

Below are six real, powerful reasons to consider adding video testimonials to your company's online marketing efforts. (We've even included an actual video testimonial from one of our clients for you to see at the end of this post.)

Reason #1: Video testimonials are an exceptional form of social proof.

“Social proof” is a psychological phenomenon in which people use input and feedback from other people to ease their worries and concerns. This relates directly to how your potential customers look to ease their concerns about purchasing your products or services.

So, take advantage of using social proof by adding video testimonials to your website and online marketing, and you'll suddenly ensure your prospects are far more likely to buy from you instead of your competition.

There are several proven techniques that can make your social proof extremely effective, and you can take advantage of each one in your customer video testimonials.

For example:

  • Social proof is much more compelling when you can see a speaker's face, as faces used in marketing have been proven to increase trust.
  • Stories are incredibly persuasive. In fact, sharing stories can be far more effective than sharing metrics, such as five-star ratings. (And what better way to tell stories than through videos?)
  • Consumers want to buy from people who are similar to them. This means you can make your video testimonials far more powerful by collecting them from customers who are good representations of your ideal buyers.

Reason #2: Video testimonials can be shared easily across social media.

You can leverage your videos on far more than just your website.

Video testimonials give your business rich content to instantly share across social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Reason #3: Video testimonials contribute to better search rankings.

Videos stand out in search results. They take up more “real estate” on the search engine results pages than other search findings, and people’s eyes go right to 'em.

Reason #4: Online video consumption is growing (fast) across ALL age groups.

The demand for online video content is growing. In the United States, online video consumption is up significantly across age groups.

Comparing the second quarter of 2014 to the second quarter of 2013:

  • 18 to 34 year olds are watching 53% more videos
  • 35 to 49 year olds are watching 80% more videos
  • 50 to 64 year olds are watching 60% more videos 

In a nutshell: Even if you yourself don't enjoy watching video content, most people on the web do. 

Reason #5: Video testimonials can come off as more authentic than professional, polished ones.

Great news: for your clients' video testimonials to boost your credibility, they do not need to be highly polished or professionally produced!

In fact, non-professionally-produced videos often feel more authentic. (And of course, in the spirit of guerrilla marketing, you shouldn't have to pay more to experience huge gains in your online marketing!)

Here's an example of a completely non-solicited, authentic, non-professional video testimonial one of our clients sent to us:

Reason #6: Video testimonials can actually be quick and easy for your customers to create for you. (It's true!)

One of the best parts about video testimonials that most businesses don't know about is that they can actually be very easy and fast for your customers to create, so long as you make them aware of a few important tips.  

Want to know what those tips are, so you can dive in to your own guerrilla marketing work and start gathering video testimonials from your customers?

Join us next week; our entire blog post will focus on these tips.

See you next Wednesday, everyone!

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