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Guerrilla Marketing: Making It Easy For Customers To Give You Video Testimonials

By Erin  |   Online Marketing

Last week we explored six reasons why video testimonials are an incredibly powerful, low cost guerrilla marketing tactic. 

Only thing is, knowing why something is powerful doesn't necessarily make it easy for you to implement, does it?

To help make it easy, today we're sharing how you can collect video testimonials from your customers with ease.

Make it as simple as possible for customers to create video testimonials for you

The easier it is for customers to do a favor for you, the more likely they'll actually do that favor.

So, remove as many roadblocks as possible that stand in the way of your customers providing you with video testimonials. 

A simple enough concept, no?  

Let's walk through four common roadblocks that prevent customers from providing video testimonials, along with techniques on how you can remove these roadblocks. 

Roadblock #1: Your customers assume they'd need a video camera to make a video for you.

The wonderful truth is, they don't!

In fact, your customers can make fantastic, authentic video testimonials for you with their cell phones! 

Eliminate this roadblock by making it clear to your customers they need no fancy equipment to make a video, and their phones will do just fine.

Roadblock #2: Your customers hesitate because they don't know how to edit videos

This is an easy roadblock to remove!

Eliminate this roadblock by letting your customer know they can simply give you the raw video and you'll edit for them, then allow them to review and approve before using it.

Nervous about editing video on your own? We would be too! Luckily, you don't have to.

In true guerrilla marketing fashion, you can have a video edited professionally for very little money. Potentially even as low as $5.00, in fact.  Just visit Fiver and search for "video editing".  

Roadblock #3: Your customers want to use their phones, but get nervous about setting them up properly

Another easy roadblock to remove for your customers!

Eliminate this roadblock by simply sharing with them the many ways they can make their own stands in a matter of moments, such as:


Here's an alternative, brilliant guerrilla marketing technique. You can purchase your own fantastic stand for a small amount of money. Dropping this great stand off for a willing customer or sending it to them in the mail would can then act as a gentle reminder to record their video, and increase the likelihood they'll shoot a quick testimonial for you!

Roadblock #4: Your customers hesitate because they don't know what to say

This is a big roadblock, but luckily this one, too, is easily fixable.

Eliminate this roadblock for your clients by providing them with a short list of questions they can answer.

Your customers can choose to focus on one or as many as they'd like, or they can use the questions as inspiration to start sharing what comes naturally to them.  

Put together a short list of questions that guides your customers towards the type of testimonials you'd like on your website.  

Here are 3 example questions to get you started:

  1. What specific benefit have you liked most about the solutions/services we've provided to you?
  2. Would you recommend us to others? If yes, why?
  3. What have you found or learned from working with us?

HUGE bonus tip!

In next week's post we’ll share a huge guerrilla marketing video bonus tip with you.

This one tip can make the video testimonials your customers make for you more powerful, more believable, and more trustworthy.

See you next Wednesday!

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