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Making Your Website More Effective Has Just Become A Lot Easier

By Josh  |   Website Improvement

Google Content Experiments is here!

Say hello to Google Content Experiments—a new and exceptionally user-friendly way for website owners to understand how their site is performing and what, specifically, they can do to make it work even better.

Why you should be feeling excited...

Website testing is often seen as a complicated task, and Google is hoping to demystify the process and help empower everyday webmasters.

Google Content Experiments allows you to gain insight from the behavior of real users who have interacted with your site.  

What's making people click?  
Do certain photos decrease the number of form submissions?  
Does increasing the amount of text on a page reduce the amount of time visitors spend reading it?

Google Content Experiments helps you find the answers to these types of questions. 

Even better, the streamlined approach and integration with Google Analytics mean you don’t spend tons of time setting up the tests, yet still get the same quality of valuable data.

Were you a Website Optimizer user?

Some of you might be familiar with Website Optimizer, which allowed you to test possible variations of pages and gather good insight to help you make decisions. Now, Website Optimizer is being replaced by Content Experiments, in what Google hopes is a more accessible way for webmasters of all levels to split-test pages.

There are some differences between Website Optimizer and Content Experiments, so if you’ve been using the former, here’s what’s changed:

  • Content Experiments only supports A/B testing, meaning you can now only test two versions of a page at one time.
  • Content Experiments only supports testing of up to 5 pages.
  • Goal-tracking is greatly simplified; users can simply select a goal from inside Analytics and the tracking begins—no more code snippets.

How your business can use Google Content Experiments

Every business has questions about how they can improve their website.  Now, with Google's Content Experiments, answering those questions couldn't be easier. 

  • Want to know if more images or video will help improve conversions on your e-commerce site?
  • Want to know which position on your home page will yield the most email newsletter sign-ups?

Here's what you do: Simply create two versions of one page, select a goal, and let Content Experiments bring you back a report that you can act on right away.

And here's a video Google created to help show off the power and potential of Content Experiments:

There’s no better way to decide on future website changes than to leverage the actual behavior of real users who interact with your site. Google Content Experiments helps you do just that, empowering businesses and webmasters of all skill levels to make informed, effective, data-based decisions about improving their websites.


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