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Get Instant Ideas for Your Blog With This One Easy Tip

By Erin  |   Business Website Tips | Website Copywriting

Blog Post Idea Generator

If you can think of a few phrases that describe your customers' interests, you can use this spectacularly simple and instant blog post idea generator tip that our clients see great success with.

It's easy.  Really easy.
It's fast. Lightning fast.
How does it work? Let's walk through an example.

Yum Yum Energy Bars

Let's say you run a company called Yum Yum Energy Bars.

Secluded away in your special, secret laboratory, your food scientists work night and day to come up with the best possible bars that allow athletes to run farther, bike longer, and perform better.  (Plus, they make sure Yum Yum bars are absolutely delicious.)

You know that a large part of your target market consists of cyclists, and that a large number of the cyclists interested in energy bars are mountain bikers.  Since many of your past blog posts have focused heavily on runners, triathletes, road cyclists, and group sports participants, you know you'd like to write some blog posts that grab mountain bikers and get them excited about your product, blog, and site's content. (Because you've worked hard to make sure your site has amazing content, right?)

Most mountain bikers don't know of Yum Yum Energy Bars (yet), but you know very well that mountain bikers are passionate about using food that gives them sustained energy on their bike rides.  Let's take this knowledge and have Google generate some blog post ideas for us.

Yep, we're going to have Google do the work for us.

The Three Simple Steps (About Six Seconds)

Here are the steps to take.  I do suggest  in the title above that following them will take about 6 seconds of your time.  Though it's a solid estimate, it might take a few seconds longer if you're a very slow typist.

Open Google and type your target phrase into the search box.  For our example, this would be something like energy food mountain biking.
Get Blog Ideas Step 1

Click the "Show search tools" link in the bottom of the left hand column of the screen.
Get Blog Ideas Step 2

Click the "Related searches" link in the left hand column.
Get Blog Ideas Step 3

That's it.  You're done.

See what's happened? Look up at the top of the search results area.

There's now a big fat block of juicy blog post ideas containing related keywords and topics that are sure to be of interest to your potential customers.
[image blog-idea-screenshot-3.jpg]

Continuing on with our example, seeing "energy recipes mountain bike" as a suggestion in the block of topics might inspire you to write up a blog post containing several recipes mountain bikers can make at home for great energy snacks while on the bike (and then, of course, you'll remind them at the end of the blog post that they should remember to use Yum Yum Energy Bars when they just can't find the time to make their own snacks).

Or perhaps seeing "energy diet mountain biking" would inspire you to write up a blog post discussing just how critical a smart diet is if one wants to have sustained energy during long bike rides—and mention how Yum Yum Energy Bars fit into a smart mountain biker's diet.  The ideas are starting to come fast and furious now!

You can repeat this process as many times as you like and whenever you feel like you've run out of good blog post topics.

Try it out. It works wonders.  (Especially when part of an overall strategic online marketing plan.)

What are you waiting for? Give it a shot.

Google's related search results regularly helps our clients come up with fresh new ideas for their blogs. It's a fantastic, lightning fast, and easy to use method of getting your brain-gears moving again.

Try it out—and make sure you leave a comment below to let us know how it works for you; we'd love to hear from you.

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