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Followbright Time Machine Thursday: Logo Inspiration

By Erin  |   Website Design

unused logo concept

I'm in a let's-just-look-at-pictures sort of mood today, so I'm pushing the meatier blog post on effective websites that I'd prepared for today forward, and will post it here for your next week.

As the Followbright logo prepares to celebrate its second birthday soon, I thought we'd take a quick look back at a few of the images that inspired the design  as well as a few of the (many) iterations that didn't make the final cut.

A few images that inspired...

I can't remember where I came across this image taken from an Ebook, but it fascinated me. 

visual data

This was an old folk art piece that captured our attention and made us realize we wanted the new Followbright logo to have some depth/texture/softness, and that the colors shouldn't feel solid and flat.

bulls eye


The color, balance, and concepts of pattern and movement in this old album cover artwork captured our attention one day as well. 

microtonal fantasy album cover




In fact, I found the album cover artwork so appealing that one of our initial digital designs was based entirely on the circles.  Too bad direct copying of existing artwork isn't our thing.  It wasn't an option we could consider because the circles weren't actually our own idea, but it got the brain gears turning and our compass pointed in the right direction.  Regardless, the font is still fantastic.




circle logo old version based on album artwork


Along our journey toward a company logo, we of course created many options that flat out didn't work...

logo on black


But we continued to move forward, adjusting and tweaking concepts that were closer, but still not quite right, like...

different version of logo








circle only



And that's it. No important lesson for the day. No key takeaways. No recommendations on how you can improve your website today. Just a quick trip back in the time for a visual field trip.



Hope you enjoyed the detour.

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