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Followbright News: Webinar Interview This Week

By Erin  |   Followbright News

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This Wednesday, September 12th at 10am MST/12pm EST, Followbright owner Erin Pheil will be the invited guest on a one hour webinar hosted by the Association of Registered Graphic Designers of Ontario (RGD).

The webinar is entitled "Scoping an Interactive Project (When the Client Doesn't Know What They Need)". Though the webinar is free for members of RGD, there is a $30 fee for non-members to view.

Details on the webinar and instructions on how to sign up can be found right here [Update, 2016: this webinar is no longer available online].

Extension of article from Applied Arts Magazine

This webinar takes a deeper dive into Followbright's unique Website Blueprint service, which was featured in a July 2012 editorial piece in Applied Arts Magazine.

What is a Website Blueprint?

Most businesses can't know exactly what they need in a new website, or what website features and functionality will help them achieve their online business goals.  This means they request and receive proposals from web companies that are completely based on their best guesses.  Websites based on a non-web company's best guesses will never live up to their potential.

The Followbright Website Blueprint is an alternative approach to the standard website proposal that allows potential clients to:

  • make better use of their time and budget
  • eliminate guesswork from the web company selection process
  • make informed, confident decisions related to moving forward with a new website project
  • dramatically reduce the risk of website project delays and scope changes
  • dramatically reduce the risk of partnering with a web company that's not an excellent match for their needs

Through analyses, interviews, and extensive expertise, we partner with new clients exploring their website design/development options to create customized website plans for their business goals.

The end result is a Website Blueprint that is part master plan and part complete proposal.  Even better? Once a Website Blueprint is complete, clients are welcome to share them with other web firms and use them to select any company they choose -- whether it’s Followbright or another firm.

Interested in learning more?

Though our Website Blueprint service offers tremendous benefits, it isn't a perfect match for all new clients. If you're interested in learning if this unique service would benefit your company, please don't hesitate to contact Followbright owner Erin Pheil via email at [email protected] or phone at (970) 668-0709. She'd love to hear from you and help you determine if your company could benefit from this truly unique and exceptional service.

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