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We’re Honored! We’ve Been Recognized (Again) As a Top U.S. WordPress Agency

By Erin  |   Followbright News

Clutch Top Web Developers 2016

We’re so humbled by the big news: for the third year in a row we’ve been recognized as one of the country’s top WordPress agencies.

We were first recognized as a U.S. WordPress Leader in 2014 when independent research group Clutch awarded us positions in both the WordPress designer and WordPress developer categories—an incredibly rare accomplishment.

Even sweeter, we’ve remained one the highest ranking WordPress agencies in the country ever since. In fact, the recent 2016 review has placed our small but mighty agency as the overall leader in “Ability to Deliver”—ranking us above firms four times our size (and more!).

Top US WordPress Developers Leaders Matrix

View the live, continually-changing matrix here.

“Ability to Deliver” is determined via three evaluation criteria:

  1. Feedback from clients
  2. Who, specifically, those clients are + what work was performed for them
  3. Market presence as determined through social media and other accolades.

Each of us here at Followbright is unbelievably humbled and honored by this unsolicited recognition—especially considering just 3 of the country’s top 12 WordPress agencies have fewer than 10 employees as we do, and many have more than 50. This confirms that big things can (and do!) come in smaller packages.

When you work with us on your WordPress project...

When your company works with us on its next WordPress project, you’ll be getting the best of the best: the absolute top industry leaders who provide clients with knockout WordPress design, development, and consulting.

What this means to you: you’ll finally achieve (and likely exceed) your vision of website success, just as our other clients have.

Now that’s exciting.

Whether your WordPress website needs bug-fixing, improvements, or a from-scratch holistic strategy, the results are in: we can deliver.

Let’s talk and find out if we’d be a great match.

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