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Five Common Mistakes That Can Kill Your Search Engine Rankings

By Erin  |   Business Website Tips

Search engine optimization mistakes

Obtaining high search engine rankings takes investments in time, energy, and money. Don't waste your investment by making a simply, easy-to-fix mistake.

Your site may be making one of these common mistakes right now. If so, your search engine rankings could be paying (dearly) for it.

We’ve put together a list that shares five of the most common search engine optimization (SEO) mistakes we see on a regular basis—mistakes that drag sites down, down, down in the rankings (oftentimes so far down that potential customers can no longer find them).

We see it happen far too often. These mistakes are so common and so easy to make that they're even made on occasion by good webmasters or web companies.

Though the commonplace mistakes we share are known by the top SEO companies and experts, they're not complicated or confusing. You can read this PDF in a few short minutes and  immediately apply what you've learned directly to your company's site.

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