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February Update: What Are We Working On?

By Erin  |   Client Projects

web design company update

As we pass the mid point of February, we here at Followbright are finding ourselves immersed in quite a wide variety of projects, solving unique challenges for clients across various industries. Here's what we're up to.

A glimpse into a few of the projects we're working on right at this very moment...

  • Design and development of a companion website to Susan Schulten's Mapping the Nation book. (Definitely keep an eye out for her fascinating monthly installments for the NY Time's "Disunion" series!)
  • Ecommerce website for a unique Washington-based promotional materials company
  • Blog integration for a wedding and event planner's site
  • UVP (Unique Value Proposition) development for one of the Colorado high country's top landscaping companies.  (Are you wondering "What's a UVP?"  A UVP is one of the most critical pieces of a company's online and offline marketing strategy. Take a look at a few of our previous clients' UVP case studies: Physical therapist UVP, Copper Mountain lodging company UVPEnglish curriculum company UVP.)
  • Development of a long term Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy for a CO realtor
  • Website updating for a New Jersey dog trainer
  • Website updating for a luxury resort spa
  • Custom application development of a used book application for a Colorado Springs entrepreneur
  • Initial website planning for an eco-friendly pet products startup
  • WordPress website development for a Denver floor coating business
  • Intranet development for an onshore well-site service business
  • Website rework for a bridal show planning site
  • Website copywriting for one of Colorado's premier wastewater management companies
  • Website copywriting for a Denver commercial construction company
  • Preparing for the final site development work of a Colorado non-profit's website
  • Custom website design and CMS (Content Management System) integration for one of America's top sleep lab companies

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