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Engage Your Visitors, Generate Valuable Leads and Boost Your Bottom Line

By Amy  |   Business Website Tips | Online Marketing

Hand Holding A Gift

Let’s play fact-fact-insight.

Fact: Your company’s website should always be hard at work. (And hopefully it’s pulling its weight with each and every prospective customer who visits it.)

Fact: Not every website visitor is ready to make a purchasing decision the first time they visit your website.

Insight: If you can create an opportunity to be in conversation with your prospective customers over time, your chances of winning their business increases exponentially.

Prospective customers might need to see your message 7 – 9 times

Conventional marketing wisdom tells us people often need to be exposed to a message 7 – 9 times before they take action on it.

No wonder so many successful businesses make every effort to communicate with their prospective customers more than once.  You can do this, too.

In fact, your website can take care of this handily, simply by offering something of value in exchange for an email address.

When someone opts-in (meaning they fill out a form) to receive your offer, they’re essentially agreeing to hear from you again (and again and again). In other words, giving away a freebie or offer or goodie or anything of value gives you permission to start a conversation, establish a relationship and rekindle their interest as time goes by.

By capturing email addresses on your website, you can build a valuable list of potential customers. Remember, these are people who have already expressed interest in your business; they’re just not ready to do business with you. Yet.

Communicating with your list of already-interested prospective customers over time creates fertile ground for your offerings. You have their permission to plant (marketing) seeds and nurture them by delivering value and building trust over time.

Give away genuine value. Yes. GIVE. IT. AWAY.

You can capture names and other information any number of ways. Perhaps you’ve seen ‘giveaway pieces’ on other websites: free reports, white papers, video series, infographics, even periodic updates — any and all of these are worth someone exchanging their contact information for, as long as they’re delivering REAL value to their visitors (and not just marketing fluff).

Businesses often worry about giving away ‘their best stuff.' They're afraid prospective customers will be hesitant to pay if they get genuine value for free.

On the contrary!

Your website visitors are much more likely to think “Wow. If they deliver such great value for free, what will I get if I buy from them?? It must be incredible!”

Remember the 7 – 9 times prospective customers need to see your message?

Having a website visitor who's interested in what you offer and not capturing his information so you can market to him in the future is an enormous wasted opportunity.

In fact, neglecting to capture names — and build a list — might be the biggest marketing mistake you can commit on the web, and I see it everywhere.

I encourage you to offer visitors the choice to hear from you again. Then, interact with your prospective customers in a meaningful and consistent fashion.  Take advantage of an exquisite opportunity to deliver value, build trust and ultimately, capture revenue, when they’re ready to spend. They’ll feel like they know your company and when it’s time to buy, you’ll already have their trust. You earned it, by delivering value over time.

Stay in touch with your prospective customers by providing relevant, usable information. Begin by building that most valuable asset – the list of people specifically interested in what you offer.  To learn more about providing offers and building lists, check out our 6-part “Offering Offers” blog post series.

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