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An Easy Website Improvement Tool We Love (And You Will Too)

By Josh  |   Business Website Tips | Followbright News

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We're almost there!

After many (many) months of hard work including design, development, ExpressionEngine integration, positioning strategy, content strategy, copywriting, and so much more, we're ecstatic to share that we're nearing the launch of the all-new Followbright site.  

Our target launch date was 1/1/15, but we're ahead of schedule, and it's looking like we'll be launching sooner than that.

Manual work that's not realistic

When you're working on a website like ours that has hundreds upon hundreds of pages (or more), there are 2 tasks that don't make sense to conduct manually:

  1. spell-checking every word, and
  2. checking every page for broken links.

Yet since typos and broken links leave a bad taste in your website visitors' mouths (and make you look sloppy), we've been keeping on top of typos and broken links throughout the website rework process.


A fantastic, easy-to-use online tool you can use on your own business's website.

A tool we've loved using

Meet CheckDog.

CheckDog can spell-check your entire website faster than you can eat a candy bar. Even better, it finds broken links as well.

The tool is very easy to use. If you have a small website, the service may be entirely free. For larger sites, a small fee (under $30) to cover one month of service (after which you can cancel) is required.

It's great. It's easy. It's cost effective. It makes us look good by pointing out typos and broken links for us to remove and has saved us hours and hours of time. It can do the same for you.

(I forgot to mention; CheckDog also locates broken images, too.)

We recommend taking a look and trying it out on your company's site. Learn more at


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