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An Ultra Easy Ultra Fast, and Ultra Cost Effective Way to Get Video & Audio Transcribed

By Erin  |   Business Website Tips

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Time Saving Heads Up: If your company doesn't integrate videos or audio (like podcasts, interview recordings, etc.) into its website or social media accounts, let me save you 4 minutes by suggesting you skip today's post and join us next week, as today's tip won't be of much value to you.  


Your website offers video and/or audio files for its visitors.

That's great.

There's just 2 problems here.

Problem #1:
Not all of your website visitors have the ability, time, or device to watch your videos or listen to your audio.

Problem #2:
The search engines can't access all of the fabulous content you're sharing in those video and audio files. 

Fortunately, it's easy to tackle both of these problem-birds with a single stone. And that stone is simply ensuring a written copy of the content kept inside your video and audio files is included and easily accessible.

The power of transcripts

Providing written transcripts of your video and audio files expands enables more people to access the information you're hoping to share while simultaneously helping search engines understand you've got some great (potentially keyword rich) content that should show up in the search results. 

Posting transcripts to your website or social media accounts can be an expensive time suck though—it's quite arduous and time consuming to go through video and audio files and record every single word spoken and describe important actions taken. 

And it's for these very reasons that I'm sharing SpeechPad with you today.

Hello, SpeechPad

SpeechPad makes getting accurate transcriptions easy and affordable.

Simply create an account, upload your audio or video files, make a note of any special instructions you might have, and the people behind SpeechPad get right to work.

Turnaround times and pricing

SpeechPad offers three pricing + timing turnaround options:

  1. If you want your transcription within 1 week, it’ll run you $1/minute.
  2. If you want your transcription within 48 hours, it’ll run you $1.50/minute. 
  3. And if you’re in a big hurry and need your transcription within 24 hours from the time you upload a file to your account, it’ll run you $2.50/minute.

A very nice guarantee, indeed

SpeechPad offers a 100% money-back guarantee, meaning if your transcription doesn’t arrive by its due date, or if you’re not totally satisfied, you receive a full refund of your money, no questions asked. 


To learn more or to test out this service for yourself, visit

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