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Driving Blind on the Business Bus

By Erin  |   Business Website Tips


Here’s a question with an answer I hope we can all agree on:

Would it be safe to drive a bus on the freeway at rush hour while wearing blinders that prevented you from seeing left or right?

Not that this needs saying but, NO, obviously it would not.

Unfortunately, so many of us seem willing to drive blindly when it comes to business.

Whether evaluating your online marketing strategy or the effectiveness of your corporate website, it is impossible to form an objective opinion because – like it or not, my friend – you are invested in the business, and bias clouds judgment like blinders obscure vision.

There’s a reason why companies hire consultants, authors hire editors and athletes hire trainers:

Someone who isn’t emotionally attached can be objective in their analysis. They illuminate underlying weaknesses and create clear-cut pathways to betterment that we never could have seen ourselves.

Even though Followbright is a web design and development agency, when the hour approached for a website makeover for ourselves, I opted to hire outside help for a number of parts of the equation.


Not because I didn’t trust my own instincts or the insights of my beyond-brilliant team, but because I knew an outside point of view would help us see the things we were missing as a company. Things we couldn’t see ourselves because we’re both biased and invested in our business.

We knew that trying to stay objective, keeping a clear head, and remaining impartial about something we have such a strong personal stake in would be downright impossible.

(To better understand the basic psychology behind this phenomenon, I give you the Stanford Tapping Experiment.)

As a company, decisions to hire, fire, implement, refurbish, invest, etc. are ultimately yours and yours alone. But, if you want to stack the odds in your favor for making the right decision, it will serve you and your company well to consider enlisting the help of an outside web consulting firm who can help you see things more clearly and in ways you can’t possibly see because of your personal investment.

Take off those blinders. Give serious though to getting outside eyes on your online marketing and website challenges. It worked wonders for us to bring in outside help.

And we work wonders for our clients who hire us to do the same.

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