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Does effective web design require a set process?

By Erin  |   Website Design

Web design checklist showing (project process)

Since we posted the final post in our website design case study blog series, we've had a few curious individuals ask us if this process is set in stone. In other words, do all of our web design clients have the same experiences?

A rigid web design process?

Though the design process we outlined in our case study (for the website of an East African safari company) was typical of the web design and development projects we manage here at Followbright, no two projects are identical.

Website projects are like... snowflakes.

Each of our new clients arrives with unique goals, needs, preferences, target markets, resources, timelines, and budgets.

A client's unique combination of these variables will contribute substantially to the manner in which his/her web design process is planned and executed.

How might they vary?

Some clients have so little time that Design Documents may be skipped altogether.

Some may wish to review and approve only their homepage design before having the project move forward into development. 

Other clients may have websites in which each individual page must be unique; these clients may require that every design element on every page must be discussed and approved down to the tiniest of the details before the project can move forward into development. (As you can imagine, these projects take a tremendous deal of time and thus require substantially larger budgets.)  

The important point here is that we believe no set design process could possibly fit all clients perfectly. Because one size does not fit all, we specially craft custom or semi-custom approaches for each of our website design clients based on their unique mix of needs, goals, budgets, resources, timelines, and preferences they bring to the table.

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