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Do You Have a Slideshow On Your Website’s Home Page? Uh Oh. Read This.

By Josh  |   Website Design | Website Improvement

Man with Arrows

A tremendously popular request of clients looking for website redesigns or homepage reworks is the inclusion of a slideshow (also known as a carousel or slider).

Slideshows on homepages have been staples in the web design world for so long now it's actually uncommon these days to browse the web for very long without encountering a homepage slideshow.   

Here's the problem

Slideshows often decrease the likelihood that website visitors will see the information website owners want them to see.

Sounds counter-intuitive, we know. That's why you shouldn't just take our word for it. 

Here's proof

We highly recommend you take a quick look at this easy-to-read blog post and research summary in which one of the world's leading website usability experts, Jakob Nielsen, explains how slideshows can decrease the effectiveness of a business website—even if they look nice within a website's design. 

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