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Confirmed: Erin to speak at CFC 2013

By Erin  |   Followbright News

CFC 2013 Conference Logo

In June I'll be flying back to my hometown of San Francisco, CA to give a short presentation and moderate a breakfast roundtable at the 2013 Creative Freelancer Conference.  

The information I'll be sharing with bright eyed, enthusiastic, energetic freelancers from across the country? An intriguing concept I've learned during my 13 years in the industry, covered in my presentation: "The #1 Reason Things Go Wrong When You're Doing Everything Right".

Curious as to what that #1 reason is?  Excellent! Come listen to my presentation in San Francisco. 

Can't make it? I understand. The good news is I'll be sharing more information after the conference with everyone who wasn't able to make it via blog posts and a potential audio interview.  

The information I'll be sharing will be just as useful for business owners and marketing managers considering the possibility of a new/reworked website as it will be to freelancers looking to improve their business practices.

See you there, or see you here at the Followbright blog as I share more later this year.

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