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Our Colorado Web Development Company RAISED Their Bottom-Line by 52%

By Erin  |   Client Projects

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If a website's not broken, why fix it?

Company Q* sells super-foods and botanical supplements and runs a successful ecommerce site bringing in millions of dollars each year. They reached out to us mid-2015 when they realized their website might not be in line with their long term online success strategy. They needed a Colorado web development team that could help define strategy, identify solutions and handle a new site build.

While Company Q’s existing site was already selling lots of product and bringing in a large volume of sales, they were actually in what was becoming an increasingly uncomfortable situation:

  • Their software couldn’t keep pace with their growth. For example, there was no way for them to add in new product lines, and it was becomingly tremendously tedious and time-consuming to manage individual products.
  • Their site was continuously going down or timing out.
  • Their hosting company’s support was completely inadequate: delayed, incomplete, and sometimes incompetent.
  • As their site expanded, they began receiving complaints the site was becoming difficult to use.
  • Their store software was so poorly supported, they often had to wait days before serious issues were resolved, which cost them thousands upon thousands of dollars.
  • They were losing money daily because it was nearly impossible for mobile visitors to make purchases.

Company Q’s big-picture goals for a website rework—in addition to transferring over to an easier to manage, more stable e-commerce platform—was to increase sales and conversion rates—they needed to convert more site visitors into actual buyers.

Strategic website planning is what we do.

How can you rework a site AND prevent a drop in site traffic?

One of Company Q’s advantages was their existing SEO (Search Engine Optimization). It was working really well.  The site was highly visible and ranked well in Google and other search engines compared to its competitors.

Thus, a significant challenge: Reworking or rebuilding a website can be catastrophic to a company’s search engine rankings—and therefore to their sales. The web developers assigned to the project needed to prevent Company Q’s rankings from dropping after their new website was launched—a task that requires extensive planning, testing, and care.

We audited the existing site and uncovered a few structural changes and improvements that needed to happen.  This was a meticulous, time consuming process as the site contained so many pages, many containing dense content.

We improved the organization of the site's content and made it easier for customers to navigate, which created less friction for customers looking for products they are looking to buy.

Improving the existing content while adding effective new content would play a big role in helping Company Q maintain their excellent search engine rankings after their old site was replaced.

Additional improvements

Mobile Improvements
The old website barely worked on mobile devices and was exceptionally difficult for visitors to use (especially those who were less tech savvy). To get the website up to current mobile standards, we completed a total revamp of the mobile version of the site.

Website Design
The new site was given a clean visual makeover.

Improved E-Commerce Capabilities
The store is now easy for the company’s internal team to manage in real time, and it now automates time-consuming tasks team members previously had to repeat on a regular basis.

Better Hosting Environment
We moved our client away from their problematic hosting company that had given them so many headaches with constant downtime and inadequate technical support.  Their site now runs faster, they have white-glove, 24/7 support, and their site doesn’t go down anymore.

We also…

  • Reworked the homepage so it drove visitors toward specific product categories,
  • simplified the product pages, and 
  • simplified the “Add to Cart” process.

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How we helped our client feel secure a drop in sales wouldn’t happen when the new site replaced the old site

After planning and implementing the work described above, we needed to confirm that our work would truly benefit Company Q, and that they’d not experience a drop in sales once we pushed the new site live.

Even when best practices are implemented, it’s absolutely imperative to decrease risk wherever possible—when we’re talking millions of dollars in sales each year, you can’t simply launch a new website with your fingers crossed, hoping it will work as well as the previous website. You need to test.

Thus, to decrease the risk of lost sales when launching the new site, we tested.

And tested.

And tested some more.

So, instead of launching as soon as the new e-commerce site was built, we first ran a split test for several months.  This means that while we continued sending most visitors to the existing site, we also sent a small, random portion of visitors to new site.  Running this split test would allow us to track and compare results, and confirm whether the new site would deliver the same (or better) sales as the existing site.  If it failed to perform as well as the existing site, we’d know we’d need to make changes before launching the new site.

What did the testing show?

To everyone’s delight, the new version of the website showed an increase in conversion rates. These results confirmed our reworked website would result in an increased bottom line for Company Q, and they wouldn’t see a drop in sales.  We went ahead and replaced the existing site with our new site.

Things would have been catastrophic if our client’s large volume of sales had been reduced by the rework. Instead, the new site we built brought our client a 52% increase in conversions.

Bottom line: amazing deliverables & results

The improvements we made exceeded everyone’s expectations.

Here are some of the amazing statistics and results we saw with our website rework:

  • Conversion Rate Increase
    The conversion rate for the new site was 8.58% vs. 5.65% on the old site. This means that for every visitor who arrives at the new site, they are 52% more likely to make a purchase than at the old site!
  • Increased Sales Volume
    For every 10,000 new visitors, Company Q can expect 858 purchases rather than the previous site’s 565. That’s 293 more purchases every two weeks as a result of our implemented strategy and website rebuild work.
  • Increased Page Views
    Desktop users of the new site view an average of 3.97 pages per visit, up from 2.21 on the old site.  Mobile users now view 3.78 pages per visit, compared to 2.72 on the old site. (While some of this increase may come from the additional pages required to complete the checkout process, much of it comes from higher engagement with the site and better browsing features that lead to higher conversions.)
  • Sale Per Visitor, Dollar Amount Increase
    On the old site, Company Q averaged $7.07 per visitor, and their new site averages $11.71 per visitor.  (This average includes visitors who don’t make purchases.)

Needless to say, the client is thrilled with their immediate increase in incoming revenue, and they have already begun moving forward with additional strategic work with our Colorado web development team to boost their sales even more.

Would you like to see results like this with your future website redesign? Reach out and let’s talk.

*For the sake of privacy, we’re keeping our client’s name anonymous and calling them “Company Q”.

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