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Colorado ExpressionEngine Experts, At Your Service

By Erin  |   Websites: The Basics

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ExpressionEngine website development is a core service we offer here at our boutique Colorado web consulting and development agency.

Many of our clients, both within and outside of Colorado, hire us to develop their websites from scratch in ExpressionEngine. Other clients come to us looking for guidance, consulting, or troubleshooting/repair for their existing ExpressionEngine websites.

Here's a quick & easy explanation for those who aren't sure what ExpressionEngine is, exactly

ExpressionEngine (better known as and more easily referred to as "EE") might sound fancy, but it's really simple.

EE is a Content Management System.  

In other words, when a website is built in EE, a client can manage, update, change, remove, and add to their website's content any time they'd like—without having to know any code.

Having the capability to update their own website is exceptionally valuable to a wide variety of businesses that regularly maintain their sites, as it means they aren't required to to call up (and then pay) their web design agency every time they want a change or update made to their website.


Hmm, this sounds kind of like WordPress

Yes, you're exactly right. WordPress (often referred to as "WP") is a Content Management System, just as ExpressionEngine is a Content Management System. Content Management Systems allow businesses to manage and have full control of most of their websites' content, both text and images, without requiring assistance from their web development agency.

The primary differences between the two is customization potential, flexibility, and power.

WP websites are typically fantastic matches for small businesses looking for basic, informational brochure websites.  

For businesses looking for custom functionality that works exactly the way they want it to work (without having to worry about comments along the lines of  "Ohhh, sorry, WP can't really do that the way you're asking..." ), ExpressionEngine is often a smart choice.

Does our business website need ExpressionEngine?

Which Content Management System best fits your business's needs—whether ExpressionEngine, WP, something different altogether, or nothing at all—is a decision to be made between your business and your trusted web development agency.  

The final decision depends on a number of variables, including but not limited to your business type, business goals, website goals, internal resources, budget, and your customers (as well as your customers' needs/goals).

Considering an ExpressionEngine site?

If your business is considering building a new website using ExpressionEngine, or if your business is looking for web agency to take maintain or improve your existing EE website, learn more about our Denver ExpressionEngine development services and experience by clicking the big arrow button below. 


Not considering an EE site?

On the other hand, if you're not interested in an ExpressionEngine website, that's of course fine too. Perhaps you just read today's post to learn what ExpressionEngine actually was. And now you know! (What a smart person you are...)

We'll see you here next week. Same time, same place.

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