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Clarifying Consulting: Choosing the Right Web Consultants

By Erin  |   Business Website Tips

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In each of our “Clarifying Consulting” blog posts, we share wisdom and insights on the sometimes-unclear concept of website consulting. These insights come from Rob’s (our lead strategist) answers to common web consulting questions. Enjoy!


QUESTION: Many (if not most) web agencies list "consulting" as a service on their websites. And of course, all of these agencies claim they're expert consultants. It’s obviously impossible to have a crystal ball and know who will provide the most value, but what can a business do to increase the likelihood that they choose a web consultancy that will be an excellent match for them?

Rob’s answer:
You're right, everyone's a consultant.

When you're speaking with an agency, the best way to assess what the consulting process will be like and the value they’ll provide through their consulting services is to examine how you're treated—and how they communicate—during both the initial meetings and the proposal/brainstorming process.

Discover our approach to consulting here.

Are you meeting with the person or people who will actually be consulting with you? If not, make sure you get face time with them so you're not taken by surprise when you move into the consulting portion of the project. That super-friendly sales person probably won’t be the fellow crafting a long-term roadmap that’ll help you achieve your vision of success.

Is the consultant making a connection with you, speaking your language, and explaining everything—from the high-level business goals to the technical jargon—in a way that's easy for you to understand? If they're going over your head, or even if you're just not "clicking" with them, those challenges are only going to become more pronounced when you're deep in your consulting project.

I personally view consulting—and our unique Website Blueprint process—as the bridge between technical and non-technical team members. It's tough to find someone who can communicate clearly and easily with everyone at every point on the "computer-savviness" spectrum, which is one of the most valuable benefits clients appreciate when they partner with us for expert web consulting.

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