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Chat On Your Website That Takes None of Your Time? Yes, Please. (+ Coupon Code!)

By Erin  |   Business Website Tips | Website Improvement

Full service chat for your company website that requires none of your time!

In our previous blog post we reviewed how offering online chat on your company website can have such a huge impact on generating new leads.

This week, I'll share with you a full-service, white glove chat solution that takes no continual/ongoing time investment from you or your staff. (And to make it all the more sweet: it's exceptionally affordable.)

Even better? I've got a big coupon code for you at the end of this post if you're interested in trying out the service. 

Your ace in the hole

Last week I had a lovely conversation with Beth Bogan, the owner of Ace Chat Services in Denver, CO. She shared with me how her team of "Ace Chat Pilots" act in real-time as direct extensions of their clients' companies. 

If you were an Ace Chat client, an Ace Chat Pilot would...

  • continually monitor your site from 8am to 8pm, Monday - Friday
  • answer all of your website visitors' questions in real time 
  • act as a member of your team, answering questions and gathering contact info and requests
  • route requests and advanced questions to the right people at your company
  • support your company by extending the time your business is "open"
  • handle chat conversations with warmth and professionalism, using company knowledge gained from your site, interviews with you, and new information gathered over time while serving your company

Beth has found her service is a perfect match, highly valued, and extremely beneficial for doctors, chiropractors, dentists, hospitality industry, and retail industry clients.

PLEASE NOTE: As we've haven't used Ace's services ourselves, we aren't able to personally recommend their services. Instead, we're sharing them with you as an option to explore. As with all professional service solutions, we strongly recommend you ask many questions upfront to determine if the company would be a perfect match for your business.

Positive reviews...

When I asked what her existing clients have to say about having a chat service on their sites, she shared this testimonial with me, which comes from an award-winning and internationally known cosmetic dentist: "Ace Chat is awesome. I love the immediate ability to interact with patients and potential patients. We have had nothing but positive responses since adding chat onto our website. I can't imagine ever not having this highly productive and effective service."

My personal concern about this type of service

Beth sent me a sample transcript of one of the conversations her Ace Chat Pilots had with a prospective customer at one of their client's sites.

And I admit: I read it and felt concerned.

The statements made by the Ace Chat Pilot on behalf of the client (a dentist) seemed a bit too sweet and overly cheery to me.  The information provided didn't seem as valuable as I would have expected.

I shared my concern with Beth.

She understood my concern, and then shared that Ace custom tailors the attitude, style of communication, and specific information shared for each individual client based on how they wish to present themselves. 

Want to tell every person who hops on chat that your service will change their life? They can say that for you.  Don't want your Chat Pilot to talk about pricing? They'll work with you to come up with a reply to pricing you feel comfortable with.  As Ace learns more about your company each week, they become increasingly skilled at blending in seamlessly as one of your team.  

In other words, you'd need to work with Ace upfront to clarify how you'd like them to represent your company during the chats, and what information you do and do not want them to share. They'll tailor everything based on your requests.

TIP: If you reach out to Ace to inquire about their services, make sure you discuss how you'd like their Chat Pilots to represent your company in regards to voice, tone, "cheeriness level", wording, etc.

So what's it cost?

I knew you'd ask.  

And I've got the answer for you: $195/month.

Yep. That's it, unless your site gets LOTS of traffic—then it might be a bit more.

This means that for less than $200/month you can have someone working for you from 8am - 8pm, providing live chat directly on your site, answering questions and collecting information as if you had another full time employee.

Any extra costs? Hidden fees?

No hidden fees. No additional monthly fees.

The only other cost is a one-time setup fee of $200 that covers Ace's time spent learning about your company and interviewing you to begin determining how you'd like them to handle your website's chat.

But wait!

Here's the awesome coupon code I was telling you about:

Coupon Code

Mention coupon code CHAT3514 and you get 50% off your first month's service. 

Does Ace Chat's service sound like it might help increase leads and sales generated by your site?
If so, contact Beth directly at (720) 722-0223 or visit the Ace Chat website.

If you do use their services, we'd love for you to leave a comment here and let us know how it goes!

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