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Case Study: Audit, Website Improvements, and Big Results For a Denver Client

By Erin  |   Client Projects | Followbright News

Keyword Rankings

In late Fall 2014 we were brought on board to help a leading building supply company headquartered in Denver. The company provides the highest quality building supplies and installation services to customers throughout the state of Colorado—and have exclusive distribution rights for several of their brands.  For the purpose of this post, we’ll call them CoSupply.

The client is extremely well respected in their field, with a long track record of smart business practices here in the Denver metro area.

Their (big) problem was: they were seeing zero growth in a potentially highly-profitable niche product line—a product line they’d been spending money to promote, month after month, for years.

Something was wrong. But… what?

Specifically, CoSupply invested in a complete website as well as monthly online marketing (including SEM, SEO, and social media marketing) for this product line. They were not only seeing no online growth in this niche, they were experiencing a significantly negative return on their investment. 

They were losing money every single month.

When our conversation about this unique product line began with CoSupply, they knew their website wasn’t bringing them the kind of business growth they’d been promised by their previous Denver website agency, but they didn’t know why.

After all, the site looked fine to them and they were receiving online marketing reports every month with all sorts of fancy figures, statistics, and comments from their previous web agency saying that things were “going well”.

How we helped

After completing a website and online marketing audit for our client with a focus on search engine rankings and website usability, we finally uncovered many of the shortcomings on the existing site that were at the root of their problems.

Some of CoSupply’s website issues were directly related to usability, while others stemmed from problems that had accumulated because the site had never been properly maintained. Software wasn’t being upgraded, expired content was rampant throughout the site (including live on the home page!)                , and absolutely no content was being created, updated or added to the site.

In short, Google (and potential customers) were seeing a confusing, stagnant, poorly optimized site.

We used the findings of our strategic audit to create a roadmap of key website improvement actions we then implemented over the course of the next 3 months. These changes were made during CoSupply’s slow season.

Tactics included:

  • Design Improvements
  • Code Fixes
  • Content Edits
  • Software Upgrades
  • Usability Improvements
  • Complete Round of Search Engine Optimization and Clean-Up Work

Amazing results

We spent the next 8 weeks monitoring the results of our website improvement and search optimization work.

Here is what the client experienced, with just this initial round of improvement work completed:

  • Ranking on Page One for Over 50% of Target Keywords
    • a 15% Jump in Page-One Rankings
  • A 100% Increase In Traffic Year Over Year
  • An Immediate Increase In Online Leads During Their The Off-Season—Something Above and Beyond Everyone’s Expectations

In the spirit of continual improvement and our phased approach to achieving results, the next step with CoSupply will be implementing the ongoing, monthly SEO and SEM roadmap we crafted for them to help expand their growth and protect their newly improved search engine rankings.

CoSupply has expressed their excitement regarding the updated site and what the combination of audit, site improvements and search engine optimization has done for their brand in just the first 2 months since we completed our initial round of improvements—in their off season.

And we’re all looking forward the big revenue results to come later in 2015 as we implement further strategies and CoSupply heads into their busy season.

Want to explore whether we’re the right match to help your business grow online leads and revenue like we’ve helped CoSupply? Let’s talk.

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