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Business Blogging is Burdensome and Unbearably Boring (For Many)

By Erin  |   Website Copywriting

Business blogging on company websites is boring for many people.

To set the stage for today's blog post, I’m going to do something I don’t recommend when it comes to meeting people for the first time, writing your website's content, or going on a date: I’m going to talk about ME for a bit.


When I started Followbright as a one-woman show back in 2002, the vast majority of projects I took on were those requiring the creation of brand new websites for businesses that had never had websites before.

Fast forward 12 years later. Hello 2014. 

My things have changed.

And much to my delight, my work is much, much more fun these days.

Here’s why my work is so much more fun these days

Because it’s now so easy to make a website, and because nearly anyone (and their 12-year-old nephews) can get a website up and running these days, there is exponentially more online competition compared to what existed back in the early 2000s.

The more competition there is, the more nuanced and strategic businesses’ websites and online marketing strategies need to become to outperform their competition.

That’s not fluffy talk. That’s the truth.

Thus, the majority of projects I and my team now choose to take on are for established businesses looking to improve the performance of and get more out of their existing websites.

This means we’re no longer dealing with “Just-help-us-get-a-nice-looking-website-up” mindsets.

Instead, we get to work with far more visionary businesses with “We-need-to-figure-out-a-comprehensive-strategy-to-get-our-website-to-do-a-helluv-a-lot-more-for-us” mindsets.

In other words, we now have the pleasure of working with businesses that show up and are seriously ready to play. They think big picture. They know their websites can be doing so, so much more for them. Things have changed, and I love it.

So here’s how this all ties into business blogging …

As we conduct audits and analyses of our clients’ websites, online marketing efforts, and competition, a strategy we often determine could impact our clients’ success is the addition of—and/or the implementation of a proper strategy for—a blog.

Unfortunately, I’d say 9 times out of 10, businesses grumble when they hear the word “blog.”

In fact, I’d say we experience more resistance during conversations about blogs than we do about conversations regarding any other online marketing tactic currently in existence. (Social media coming in a close second.)

And we've heard it all:

“A BLOG??”
“Nobody reads those!”
“We don’t want to write!”
“There’s nothing interesting to write about in our industry!”
“Our industry is boring!”
“We don’t have time!”
“Why on EARTH would a blog help us??”

An article I bookmarked years ago, written by Paul Boag, one of the Web world’s highly respected Web strategists, does a beautiful job of summarizing the top benefits businesses typically experience when they implement a well-constructed blog strategy and dedicate ongoing resources to blogging.

These benefits include:

  • boosting search engine visibility,
  • increasing incoming links (which drive more eyeballs to your site),
  • reaching new audiences,
  • generating repeat traffic, and
  • gaining customer feedback.

I’d also add to Paul's list:

  • the ability to position yourself as a knowledgeable industry expert,
  • starting the experience of a dialogue with potential customers (“I feel like I already know and trust you!”), and
  • setting yourself apart from the competition.

You may not want to hear it, but it's true

Blogs truly can be incredibly powerful tools, when done right (which unfortunately isn’t easy).

If you’re interested in learning a bit more, I encourage you to take a look at these excellent posts Paul Boag wrote that dive into a bit more detail:

A secret to successful business blogging 

Make your company blog work harder

Ten harsh truths about corporate blogging (this ain’t easy, folks)

Now would you look at that!

Paul Bog wrote blog posts...and they’re driving more awareness to his brand and more traffic to his site through me sharing links to his well-written blog posts.

Smart fellow indeed.

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