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Boost Your Ecommerce Store’s Success By Targeting Customers’ Mid-Brains

By Erin  |   Business Website Tips | Online Marketing | Website Copywriting

Customers’ Mid-Brain - Ecommerce persuasion

Note: This article was written specifically for businesses that allow for direct purchases of products or services via their websites.

When we decide we want things, we often want them right now.

In fact, we’re so crazy about instant gratification, according to a recent New York Times article, that online retailers are rushing to deliver goods faster than ever (even developing drones to make that happen) and many tech innovations coming out on the market focus on allowing customers to get their products immediately.

Why does this matter to you?

So what does this nearly universal impatience mean for you and your company’s Ecommerce website?  How can you tap into your customers’ deep desires for instant gratification and make them work for you?


Work with your Web agency to ensure your website engages visitors’ brains in a specific way as soon as they arrive.

Gratify this part of the brain

There are two parts of the brain that activate during most purchasing processes:

  1. the frontal cortex, during a waiting process (such as waiting for a shipping order to go through), and
  2. the mid-brain, during an engagement process, (such as anticipating receiving something).

Your website visitors’ mid-brain is the part of you want to engage, as it’s the part of that allows those visitors to feel instantly gratified instead of impatient. 

  • Happy with their experience. 
  • Content.
  • Satisfied.

Instant gratification is key to happy shopping

Since your potential customers want to experience instant gratification in exchange for handing over their hard-earned money, the ability to foster feel-good fuzzies can earn you more sales and more loyal, returning customers—and ultimately more sales.

Need help? Talk to our Denver Ecommerce website agency to discuss how a strategic web copywriter can update your website copy to trigger the part of the brain that controls this process, the midbrain, by using words that have been known to activate it.

Words that activate the midbrain are:

  • Free
  • New
  • Instantly
  • Immediately
  • Fast

…and of course, don’t forget to follow up on any promises you make.

Key Takeaways:

  • The feeling of instant gratification satisfies a problem-solving urgency in your customers.
  • Words like “immediate,” “instant” and “quick” trigger this need and allow your customer to feel good about buying from you—so long as you follow up on the promises you offer.

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