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Big News: TimeForCake Announces Name Change To Followbright

By Erin  |   Followbright News

Followbright circle

After 13 years, the TimeForCake our industry and clients have come to know and love has become Followbright.

While the TimeForCake name was appreciated by many, and while it blended in around the time of the dot com boom, over time the name has confused just as many (if not more) as it's delighted as it's in no way related to what we do, how we help, or our approaches.

Our new name better reflects our focus, our strengths, our processes, and the experience we deliver to our clients.

After evaluating our company's significant evolution and after listening to a tremendous amount of feedback from clients over the past several years:

  • it became obvious a "cute" company name poorly reflected who we are, the caliber of clients/companies who work with us, and our commitment to big results. 
  • we had become known as trusted guides through the complex world of websites and online marketing.  
  • clients consider us industry experts they look to for guidance, to follow, and who specialize in designing website roadmaps and action plans laying out clear paths toward goal achievements.
  • we were able to reflect on whereas we simply designed and built handsome websites back in 2002, we've since evolved into an agency with the exceptional strengths of shining light on confusing website-related situations and bringing clarity to challenging times when important website-related decisions need to be made.
  • we learned that in an industry where over-promising is unfortunately rather common, we've become known as the company that, no matter what, always follows through. If a client is told something will be done, it will be done. Clients have frequently shared that the trust built and stress reduced by our team's follow through has been invaluable to them.

 So while it will always continue to be time for cake*, please help us welcome in the new year with a new name.

Say hello to Followbright.


* In fact, it's time for cake right now. You should go get yourself a slice. We think you definitely deserve it.

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