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If Your Company Wants Better Results From Social Media in 2013, Read This Post

By Erin  |   Business Website Tips | Online Marketing

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Over the past several years we've run into more and more businesses that fall into one of the following two categories:

1) The first type of business has determined it's serious about and ready to invest in social media marketing/outreach. Even though this business wants to be smart about moving forward, they have no clue where to begin.
2) The second type of business has tried using social media for at least a year, but has experienced lackluster results. This business wants to learn how to focus efforts, work smarter (not harder), and make its social media investments finally pay off.

Does your business fall into either one of these groups?

Social media is EASY. (Right?)

Auto-posting your Instagram photos to Facebook.
Tweeting daily about the weather.
Answering a LinkedIn question.
All easy, right?

It's also extremely easy (and not uncommon) for businesses to invest hours upon hours each week into social media while seeing little, if any, form of return. 

It's extremely easy to spend time posting to various social media sites without knowing which ones your best customers actually spend time on.

It's extremely easy to spend time posting to social media sites without ever realizing that the great content you're posting...just happens to be the type of content your best customers couldn't care less about.

In other words, it's extremely easy to fly when it comes to social media.
It's just that—without a strategy or plan—most businesses end up flying blind.

Tips are great, but they can only take you so far if they're not part of a big picture strategy

Following industry best practices and tips as you work to improve your social media effectiveness is commendable.

Without an underlying plan or social media strategy though, the impacts achieved by implementing these tips and all your efforts are far less likely to be targeted and focused enough to be wildly successful. 

So what is the answer?

A social media strategy or master plan can provide the rock solid foundation for all your business's social media efforts. Based on expert industry research and data instead of guesses, developed specifically with the purpose of helping your business achieve its goals, and created from scratch to define direction and focus all time invested in social media, a custom social media strategy and action plan is the answer both groups listed at the beginning of this post are looking for.

And if you're reading this far, I'm guessing your your business falls into one of those two groups, right?

A new year, an exciting new service

We've brought on a couple new team members here at Followbright for 2013, and one of them is JM Henderson, a market researcher, Forbes contributor, and social media extraordinaire.

While we provided social media services in the past, bringing JM onboard has allowed us to begin offering something new. Something incredible. Something that delivers exactly what the businesses falling into the 2 categories above are looking for.

We've combined strategies and services we've offered in the past into a brand new super-offering: the development of ultra-targeted, 100% custom social media strategies + action plans.

This means...

No more guessing.
No more wondering what your employees should be posting about.
No more wondering if your business should be spending any time at all on Twitter.

Most importantly, this means a one time investment can now set businesses on the right track, right from the start, toward social media success.

What you get from a social media strategy and action plan

Social media strategy provides you with the specific answers you've been looking for.

It provides you with the custom research and data-based foundation that enables to you to work smarter, NOT harder.

And it provides a simple, clear plan of action your team can follow to achieve wild success through the social media channels that are right for your company.

If you're serious about investing in social media, make sure you're spending your time and energy wisely.  Learn more about our new social media strategy and custom action plans now.

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