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Are the Wrong People Seeing (And Clicking) Your PPC Ads?

By Erin  |   Online Marketing

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The vast majority of business owners we’ve worked with who, at some point, took it upon themselves to set up their own Google Adwords PPC campaigns had unknowingly been displaying their ads to a high volume of searchers who weren’t interested in their products or services.

Let's take a look at an example.

Say you own a restaurant located in Summit County, Colorado. 

Next, let’s say you’ve setup a Google Adwords campaign to display your ad whenever someone searches for “Summit County restaurant”.

Can you confidently answer the following three questions?

  1. Are your ads displayed to everyone in the U.S. searching for “Summit County Ohio restaurant“?
  2. Are your ads being displayed to everyone in Summit County, Ohio that searches for “Summit County restaurant“?
  3. Are your ads being displayed to everyone searching for “Summit Restaurant”?

If you can’t, I recommend you login to your Adwords account or hop over to Google and figure the answer out as quickly as you can. 

If you answered “yes” to any of the questions above, you’re making a common mistake by showing your ad to people who likely have no interest in what you’re offering. This means it’s extremely likely that some of your marketing dollars are going to waste.

Yeah, my PPC ad is displayed to plenty of people who don’t care about my product or service. So what?

So what? Showing your ad to the wrong people has consequences:

A) It increases the likelihood you’ll blow through your daily/monthly budget far more quickly
B) it can impact your campaigns’ effectiveness, and
C) it can increase your CPC (cost per click).

In sum: you lose money.

If you set up your own PPC campaigns I encourage you to take a closer look at them today. Are your ads displayed to a high number of people searching specifically for products, services, or business that aren’t related to yours?

If you can’t tell, contact us here at Followbright and we’ll help you prevent more of your marketing dollars from going to waste.

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