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A Weekly Simple + Easy + Pretty Stats Summary in Your Inbox, For Free

By Josh  |   Business Website Tips

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Today I've got a really great, very quick, and extremely easy website statistics tip for you to try out. 

In fact, so long as you already have a running Google Analytics account, it'll take you less than 1 minute and a grand total of $0.00 to start getting a beautiful, easy to understand, quick-summary of your website's activity over the past week.

The tool we're sharing with you this week is for Google Analytics, and each week it scans through your website's activity, auto-generates a short-and-sweet overview, then drops the pretty overview into your inbox every 7 days.

What do these reports look like?

Here's a sample of what a simple + sweet weekly summary looks like:

sample report: pretty weekly website insights delivered to your inboxNo bells and whistles.
No detailed analysis.
Just intuitive numbers and visuals along with a few friendly and easy to understand notes about your site's performance.

This is a GREAT tool for...
people who forget to regularly check their analytics and want to stay in the loop when it comes to the basics of how their site is performing.

On the other hand, this is NOT a great tool for....
people looking to gather an in-depth understanding of their website's performance. For these people, it's best to consult with a web strategy agency who can review and assess your site's analytics to help create a master plan for immediate opportunities and continual improvement.

How can you sign up to get your pretty weekly summary?

It's easy, free, and takes almost no time at all.  Sign up right here.



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