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A Dead Simple Way to Increase Your Facebook Impact and Website Traffic

By Josh  |   Business Website Tips | Online Marketing

Increase Your Facebook Impact

Yes, Facebook now has over 1 billion users.
Yes, that's billion with a "b".

And yes, each and every day these Facebook users upload nearly 300 million images.  (And in April of this year, Facebook purchased Instagram, the photo sharing site, causing Instagram usership to skyrocket 1,179% in six months.)

Today I'm not discussing which types of businesses benefit the most from social media efforts or how to know if your social media efforts are generating a return on investment for your company.

Instead, today I'm simply sharing a basic and easy to follow tip related to generating more interaction and engagement with your company's Facebook followers (as an added bonus, this tip can influence your website traffic as well).

The most popular Facebook posts

Inbound marketing giant Hubspot recently evaluated 8,000 B2B and B2C Facebook posts and compared likes-per-post to likes-per-photo.

What did they find? 

They discovered that Facebook posts with photos gathered 53% more likes than Facebook posts without photos.

Excellent. Adding photos to your company's Facebook post is an exceptionally easy and fast way of increasing follower engagement. 

Here's a bonus: when done right, it can increase click-throughs to your website, too.

That's right, more visits to your site! 

Analyzing their data, HubSpot noticed 84% more clicks to their website when they posted photos to their Facebook page.  Interestingly, in analyzing other companies'  Facebook pages, they noticed 60% of photos and images on did not include a link back to each company's website. This is a big 'rookie' mistake you'll want to avoid.

Here's a second bonus: the more likes and interaction your Facebook posts receive, the higher your chances of appearing in Facebook news feeds, meaning even more exposure.  

Action Steps to Follow

To increase interaction on your company's page, increase traffic to your site, and increase the exposure your Facebook posts receive, follow these simple steps:

  1. Include photos in your Facebook posts.
  2. Write captions to accompany the photos.
  3. Include links pointing back to your website from these posts (and make sure you're giving your followers a good reason to go back to your site).

These easy steps can give you a leg up over your non-photo posting competition. In fact, when you drive traffic from Facebook to landing pages that sell products or services directly, you can immediately start to measure the monetary return on investment of your Facebook efforts.

And remember: make your marketing efforts meaningful and track everything you can to ensure you're continuously improving and refining your online marketing strategy.

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