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6 Big Facebook Mistakes That Prevent You From Seeing Results

By Erin  |   Online Marketing

Six big Facebook Fan Mistakes

Not seeing the results you want from your business's Facebook Fan page?

Make sure you're not making one of these 6 common mistakes though; they can end up costing you and decreasing the effectiveness of your efforts.

Mistake #1: Not Responding to Comments

Facebook is a social network, meaning it's all about two-way communication. It's not meant to be used as a constant, neverending stream of megaphone "USE OUR BUSINESS!" shouting posts.  

Your Facebook Fan page isn't a static website page either. When people comment, you should always respond to them. Always. Always.

Ignoring requests, comments, and questions hands-down makes you look bad and, even worse, makes your potential customers feel like you're not listening and that you don't care about them.

Mistake #2: Fan Page Neglect

How often do you log in to Facebook?

You need to consistently post and interact on your page. Set aside some time each day (or a few times a week at the least) for Fan page maintenance or delegate the task to a trusted employee.

You need to check in regularly to see what's going on.  Failing to do so increases the likelihood that you'll miss your fans' questions and comments while making you look unreliable and unavailable.

Mistake #3: Missing Call to Action

Don't be afraid and don't forget to ask for your fans' business on your Facebook fan page!

Just as you should be doing on your website, tell your fans and potential customers exactly what they need to do to experience the benefits you offer.

Yes, they know you're a donut shop and that you sell donuts, but don't waste the opportunity to tell them to come in today and give your delicious new flavor a try.  

Failing to tell your Facebook fans to take action decreases the likelihood that they'll actually do so.

Mistake #4: Careless Surfing

Whenever you're on Facebook, you need to be "on brand."

Remember that your fans can see everything you do. Facebook's recently-implemented Timeline format makes it easier than ever for them to do so.

Be professional and remember that everything that you do on Facebook directly reflects on your business, heavily and perpetually influencing how your business is perceived. 

Mistake #5: Failing to Track

How do you know if the work you put into your Facebook Fan page is actually doing anything?  

If you were engaged in a monthly Inbound Marketing plan using closed-loop analytics, you'd know exactly how many leads and sales came from your Facebook Fan page. 

If you're not though, you should at least be tracking the general activity of your fans and visitors using Facebook Insights.

Insights is Facebook's built-in analytics (stats) program. It provides you with valuable performance data, including who likes what and how your fan activity has increased or decreased.

Mistake #6: Where Else Are You?

Your Facebook Fan page's profile needs to provide links to your company website, company blog, and all other social media sites where your company has a presence (Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc.). Give people the opportunity to check you out and connect with you everywhere you're online.

Now You Know, and Knowing's Half the Battle

Make sure you're not making any of these 6 mistakes and you'll be able to better capitalize on your Facebook Fan page's ability to help you brand your business and attract new customers.

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