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Category Archive for Website Copywriting

The Cocktail Party Etiquette Guide to Writing for the Web

March 27, 2012  - Think back to the last event you attended. Who was the center of conversation? It wasn’t the guy who couldn’t stop talking about himself. It was the gal who was genuinely interested in the folks she was talking to. The one who seemed delighted to meet everyone she crossed paths with. Your website can be that gal. All it takes is a change in focus.
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We’re on the lookout for an amazing Inbound Marketing copywriter

March 23, 2012  - If you're a truly spectacular web copywriter with a passion for writing about online marketing and inbound marketing, we're glad you found us. And if you're not a spectacular web copywriter specializing in online marketing and inbound marketing but know someone who is, we'd adore you forever if you shared this post with him/her.  Continue reading

Please Don’t Welcome Me To Your Website

October 26, 2011  - I have a question for you. It's an easy one. Answer honestly: does your website’s homepage text start off with something along the lines of “Welcome to…”? If it does, I highly recommend you remove that sentence. I'm going to have to pretend I don't know you until you do that. So go on, go delete it.  Continue reading

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