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Word of MouthHow to Get Others to Persuade Your Prospects to Buy from You

I’d estimate that roughly 9 out of 10 of our new clients instantly reply “word of mouth” when we ask them what source brings them their highest quality leads and customers.
Even though you can’t rely on word of mouth when new prospects have arrived at your website to research your company, you can emulate word of mouth’s influence by being smart with your website’s content. Learn how…  Continue reading

Custom Web Development Case Study Part 1 of 6: Hemingways Expeditions

In this 6-part blog series we'll walk through an actual website design case study based on a project we completed during the second half of 2011. This case study focuses only on the design work completed for the client (Hemingways Expeditions of Kenya). It does not delve into any of the related planning, research, strategy, or coding work that also went into creating the final website.  Continue reading

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