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Happy 4th Of July Week, Everyone!

We'd like to take this opportunity to wish all our friends, family, clients, vendors, contractors, and colleagues a most wonderful 4th of July Holiday week. We will in the office but working limited hours this week as we enjoy this special time with friends and family.  Continue reading

It’s Middle School All Over Again. Your Website Is Being Judged By Its Looks.

Would you trust a doctor if he walked into the exam room wearing cut-off jeans, a ratty t-shirt and dirty sneakers?

What would you think about a restaurant if you walked in for the first time only to find dirty dishes stacked high on the bar, crumbs everywhere, and sticky rings dotted across mustard yellow plastic table covers?

Like it or not, people form lasting opinions based on first impressions. It’s part of being a human being; it’s part of how we make decisions.  Continue reading

The Truth and Proof about Business Blogging

You’ve talked with internet marketing companies. You’ve talked with your business peers and associates. You’ve talked with your web design company. Everyone’s suggesting you integrate a blog into your website, but writing content takes time and you have better ways to spend your time and more effective ways to promote your company… right?  Continue reading

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