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A Blog About Making Better Websites

It’s Time To Put a Stop To Getting Started On Your Business’s Website

January 08, 2018  - In every industry, trends change. Until recently, the “Get Started” button was believed—even at one point by our web design and development team here at Followbright—to be an important feature of professional home page designs that lead users to the next step in the conversion process. Today we explore why this is no longer the case...  Continue reading

Every Web Agency SAYS “We’re Great!” So How Do You Figure Out Who You Should Hire??

December 01, 2017  - It's likely that if you call up 10 different web agencies, you'll hear 10 different people telling you why THEIR web agency is the best web agency and that you should *definitely* work with them. So how in the world can you cut through the fluff and boasting and know who truly is the best fit for your website project? Read today's post and you'll learn exactly how...  Continue reading

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