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Old Website Project Process

IMPORTANT NOTE! This is an outdated/archived page showing the website design and development process we used to use back in the early 2000s. We no longer use this process.

Please visit our new Process page to learn about how we work now.


You'll complete one of our Website Planners and submit the planner to us. We'll then communicate with you via email or phone to better understand your goals and needs as we prepare to develop a proposal for you.

What you'll take away from Step 1:

  • A clearer understanding of your options
  • Suggestions, tips, and/or recommendations we provide during our communications or consultation


Based on initial communications during Step 1, we'll draft and provide you with a custom project proposal. This can take anywhere from 1 - 3 weeks, depending on the size of your project.

What you'll take away from Step 2:

  • A customized proposal focused on your unique goals and needs
  • An understanding of the various costs related to the type of website you're looking for


You'll sign the project contract, price sheet, and statement of work (SOW). The SOW will act as the project's blueprint and roadmap, explaining the responsibilities of both parties during the project's upcoming stages.

What you'll take away from Step 3:

  • A signed contract (proof that your project is now underway)
  • A document explaining the project's payment schedule
  • A SOW that outlines responsibilities and expectations for all upcoming project phases


With our assistance, you'll finalize the content (text, photos, video, logos, audio, etc.) that we will use in your site.

What you'll take away from Step 4:

  • Confidence knowing that the content you've provided will be expertly organized and displayed within your website


We'll work together to define a vision for your new site's design. After you've approved a Design Document, we work to create an attractive website design specifically focused on helping your company achieve its online goals. Revision rounds ensure your complete satisfaction.

What you'll take away from Step 5:

  • An approved Design Document outlining the features of your site's design
  • A final homepage design
  • A final internal (non-homepage) design to be used for the majority of pages within your site


You've provided us with the content you'd like in your site, and you've approved your site's design. You'll have few to no responsibilities during this step of the process while we mix your content and design together and transform them into a superbly functioning website.

What you'll experience during Step 6:

  • Relaxation time


Your completed website is presented to you for review and testing. You'll inform us of any tweaks or changes you'd like made. The site is polished and refined until you are completely, 100% satisfied.

What you'll take away from Step 7:

  • A functioning website (not yet live on the web though)
  • The knowledge that your website will be live on the web very soon


After submitting final project payment, your new site launched.

What you'll take away from Step 8:

  • A professional, attractive website live on the web
  • Details on how to access your website's statistics account