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Archived Projects


ExtenSite had a great software product that made website content management easier and more affordable for businesses of all sizes. Their challenge was explaining their concept when many of their customers didn't even know such a service existed.

Would their potential customers bother to read a dry, written description? Would flowcharts or diagrams dazzle them? Probably not. And that's where we came in. We created an animated online demo that was ultra-professional, clear, and simple.

This Quick Tour demo, built in Flash, was custom designed to seamlessly match Extensite's corporate identity.

The demo allowed potential customers to:

  • quickly determine the capabilities of Extensite's product
  • understand the product's features and benefits
  • initiate the process of becoming a customer

Extensite demo 1    Extensite demo 2    Extensite demo 3    Extensite demo 4

How we helped:

  • Graphic Design
    Created the online demo's look and feel
  • Flash Development
    Transformation of the approved design into an animated, interactive demo
  • Website Integration
    Allowed site visitors to quickly and easily educate themselves about the product's benefits, right from Extensite's homepage