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Archived Projects


Ecommerce website, built using the Shopify platform, for a small Colorado-based eco-friendly pet products company. Learn more about this website in our project write-up blog post.

Carbon Pawprint screenshot    screenshot #2    website screenshot #3    website screenshot #4

How we helped:

  • Modified theme design
  • Shopify site development + ecommerce integration
  • Usability and general website consulting
  • Website hosting

What they said:

"Because we were a start-up company, funds were tight and experience was limited.  Our concern was that we would take ownership of an online store that was expensive to create and difficult to manage.  Instead, Time for Cake guided us toward an option that was both economic and user-friendly.

Followbright was both receptive to the needs and limitation of a small business, working with us to create a professional product for an economical price.  We also appreciated the attention to detail and up-to-date industry knowledge that the TFC gang brought to our project."

- Michelle Welty, Owner