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Who We Work With

Finding a digital agency is a bit like dating... with the extra pressure that you need results fast and don’t have time to waste on bad matches. Let’s save you some time. 

Followbright has wildly successful relationships with clients who have many of the characteristics listed below.

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We dance well with organizations that are:

  • Visionary. You’re big picture thinkers who gets excited by continually getting better.
  • Decisive. You make quick, confident decisions.
  • Direct. You don't want the truth sugarcoated, and you don't sugarcoat it yourself.
  • Organized. You plan ahead, are naturally proactive (rather than reactive), and love things broken into stages. Checklists make you giddy.
  • Responsible. You do what you agree to do and expect the same of your partners. 
  • Intellectually humble. You're good at what you do... and respect that we're good at what we do. You're to receive guidance and consulting from an award-winning digital agency—not "yessirs" or "yesma'ams" from a digital mechanic who does whatever you want (including things that aren't in your best interest).
  • Relationship-oriented. You value strong, ongoing collaboration with trusted partners.

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Generally, our clients’ website and online marketing budgets range from 5% to 10% of their annual revenue, and they see our pricing as an investment in their success.  About 95% of the businesses that work with us expect to invest a minimum of $15,000.


Our clients often have similar types of challenges preventing them from achieving their potential. They may feel:

  • Unsure of what to do. They know their website or online marketing isn’t working, but don’t know why—or how to remedy the problem.
  • Discouraged by poor traffic. They have a decent site, but no one can find it.
  • Frustrated by a lack of online leads. They aren’t converting their website's traffic into leads or sales.
  • Tired of wasting time and money. They spend too much energy doing things manually (such as taking event registrations by phone or wasting time repeating the same information to potential customers). 
  • Upset due to experiences with previous web agencies. Many of our clients have been burned in the past by agencies with poor organization, unclear communications, and inadequate follow-through.

We also work with businesses that have websites and online marketing plans that are doing well, but want to keep their sites “healthy” and continue to improve their results over time. 

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Industries and verticals

Name the industry, and we’ve probably been involved with it. Since 2002, we've worked with hundreds of successful businesses across North America across all industries and verticals.

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