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Man At A CrossroadsAudience-Based Website Navigation: It Can Backfire on You

June 08, 2016  - Audience-based navigation is designed to improve your audience's experience. . .right? We explore the flaws of this navigation design and discuss solutions to make sure you aren't driving viewers away from your website.  Continue reading

Custom Web Design Visual Walkthrough: The Final Product

September 30, 2015  - Last week you took a peek into the process we guided one of our international clients through, from strategy through the step right before the final designs. Today we unveil the designs.  Continue reading

Custom Web Design Visual Walkthrough: Start To (Almost) Finish

September 23, 2015  - Take a quick visual stroll through the creation of an all new, custom website design for an internationally renowned philosophical institute.  Continue reading

Do You Have a Slideshow On Your Website’s Home Page? Uh Oh. Read This.

May 20, 2015  - If you have a slideshow on your website's homepage, or are planning a website redesign that will include a homepage slideshow, you *need* to read today's post. Trust us.   Continue reading

Video: New Responsive Website Launched For WWBD

May 06, 2015  - Watch a short video clip showing how one of our client's recently-launched responsive website intelligently restructures itself depending on browser size (or which mobile device a visitor is using).  Continue reading

Is a Big Picture In Your Website Design Actually Worth 1,000 Words?

April 22, 2015  - Full-page images with almost no text: it’s the big thing in website design these days. But is it here to stay? More importantly, will it help attract and retain more site visitors?   Continue reading

Where To Find Better Stock Photos For Your Business’s Website

April 15, 2015  - Finding stock photos for your website that don't look like stereotypical stock photos can be tricky. Today we share a resource that'll point you in a better direction.  Continue reading

We Don’t Want Our Website Background To Be Gray

March 25, 2015  - Allowing personal design preferences to guide website decisions = trouble.  Continue reading

Big, Bold, Bright, and Beautiful = A Potentially Problematic Design?

February 18, 2015  - Upon closer inspection, the initially big, bold, bright, and beautiful landing page of a world-famous brand breaks from best practices and appears somewhat problematic.  Continue reading

When It Comes To Web Design, This Is When Clients’ Logic Goes Right Out The Window

February 11, 2015  - If you're considering a website redesign or design refresh, here's a little slap on the face to make sure you don't revert to a middle school mindset.  Continue reading

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