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Tools - Hammer and SpannerWith WordPress Websites Getting Hacked Daily, We Can’t Beat the ‘Prevention-is-Key’ Drum Too Loud

November 11, 2015  - Think your WordPress website can't get hacked? We assure you it can. Don’t wait until after something (potentially very) bad happens. It'll be a costly, stressful, and painful mistake and may put your online presence at risk.   Continue reading

These “Helpful” Website Tips Will Actually Hurt Your Website

November 04, 2015  - We constantly bump into tips when interacting with websites each day and often don’t even realize it. Today we take a look at website forms and how one current trend in online forms may be negatively impacting your website.  Continue reading

Followbright Owner Erin Pheil Interviewed For Expert Web Advice

October 28, 2015  - Erin recently spoke with Washington, DC-based IT research firm Clutch to share her insights and expert advice on building custom websites.  Continue reading

The Obvious Is Not Obvious to Everyone (and How This Affects Website Usability)

October 21, 2015  - Website page elements are regularly, actively changing on your website’s page. Unfortunately, confusion is created for your website’s visitors when they don’t notice they change.  Continue reading

Ack! Our Web Guy Is Leaving In 2 Weeks! (A Followbright Rescue Story)

October 14, 2015  - Today we share with you a story about a recent project completed for a well-known international client who found itself panicking after learning their staff web developer was leaving permanently... with two weeks notice.  Continue reading

ExpressionEngine—Bridging the Gap Between Old And New

October 07, 2015  - Is your website running an older version of ExpressionEngine? Read about why you should consider taking the upgrade plunge...  Continue reading

Custom Web Design Visual Walkthrough: The Final Product

September 30, 2015  - Last week you took a peek into the process we guided one of our international clients through, from strategy through the step right before the final designs. Today we unveil the designs.  Continue reading

Custom Web Design Visual Walkthrough: Start To (Almost) Finish

September 23, 2015  - Take a quick visual stroll through the creation of an all new, custom website design for an internationally renowned philosophical institute.  Continue reading

Part 3 of 3: Building a Mind Map Snaps Your Business Proposition into Clear Focus

September 16, 2015  - Building a mind map can streamline your online marketing. It’s an excellent foundational tool we find ourselves using at the beginning of every online marketing consulting engagement.   Continue reading

Part 2 of 3: It’s Midnight. Do You Know Your Value Proposition?

September 09, 2015  - If your company's Unique Value Proposition, Unique Selling Proposition(s) and target audience are not clear, a mind map can help define your direction, becoming a resource you can refer back to and build on.  Continue reading

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