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Followbright circleBig News: TimeForCake Announces Name Change To Followbright

January 15, 2016  - It's been a long time coming, and we're absolutely over the moon to announce today is the official day of our company name change.  Continue reading

Something Exciting This Way Comes

January 13, 2016  - What could it be? When will it happen? What's the mystery?  Continue reading

New ExpressionEngine Website Launched For Copper Mtn. Ski Resort Lodging Company

January 06, 2016  - A thriving lodging company that serves visitors to Copper Mountain Ski Resort now has a new, shiny, highly-functional, and fully responsive website. Take a quick look.  Continue reading

What Type of Content Do YOUR Website Visitors Want to Read?

December 30, 2015  - Your website’s content must tell your visitors what they want to hear, NOT what you want to say. Why? Because only AFTER people realize you understand them do they pay attention.   Continue reading

Part 2: Insights from Sam: How Can a Business Choose the Best Online Marketing Agency for Them?

December 22, 2015  - Sam is back this week in our "Insights from Sam" series. Today Sam points out what an online marketing agency should be capable of; are they looking out for their bottom line, or your website's profitability? Before hiring your agency, here are some key questions to ensure that they have the right experience.  Continue reading

Insights from Sam: How Can a Business Choose the Best Online Marketing Agency for Them?

December 16, 2015  - We're back again with another "Insight from Sam" in our series of articles about online marketing. This week Sam gives advice on choosing the right online marketing agency, detailing both what the agency should be able to provide and what makes a good match between agency and advertiser.  Continue reading

Clarifying Consulting: When Website Consulting May (and May Not be) the Answer

December 09, 2015  - In each of our “Clarifying Consulting” blog posts, we share wisdom and insights on the sometimes-unclear concept of website consulting. These insights come from Rob’s (our lead strategist) answers to common web consulting questions.   Continue reading

Is Your Website Homepage Making One of These 2 Mistakes?

December 02, 2015  - Ensure you're not alienating (or losing) customers with either of these typical mistakes. We explain why these are damaging to your website, and provide our insights for solutions.  Continue reading

Oh, the World of Custom WordPress Plugins

November 25, 2015  - Erin interviews Followbright's lead programmer, Jason, who delivers some much-needed insight into the world of WordPress plugins: what they are, when to (and when not to) choose custom-built plugins, and which questions to consider when selecting your website's plugins.  Continue reading

Insights from Sam: When Is The Timing Right For a Business to Invest in Online Marketing?

November 18, 2015  - In this post from our "Insights from Sam" series, Sam (our online marketing expert) breaks down the basics of online marketing. Today he explains when the timing may be right to invest in online marketing, and whether you need to know what all those fancy acronyms mean.  Continue reading

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