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Human Head with Light BulbWeb Consulting Gets Big-Time Results: A Client’s True Story

May 25, 2016  - At our web design agency we choose to use Website Blueprints as a method of outlining projects rather than a standard proposal. In today's interview with Rob (our lead strategist), we provide a real-life example where a client engaged in a Website Blueprint project, what their experience was like, and what they gained.  Continue reading

New WordPress Website Launched For One of Colorado’s Best Breweries

May 11, 2016  - After 11 years, a thriving Colorado brewery has an all-new WordPress website and the reviews are in: customers are LOVING it and business is booming!  Continue reading

Followbright Website Featured In Denver Fox News Story

April 27, 2016  - Last week the site we designed and developed for one of our dearest clients was the focus of a featured story on Denver's Fox TV News station.  Continue reading

Clarifying Consulting: Choosing the Right Web Consultants

April 13, 2016  - Lost in the mire of having to choose the right web consultant agency? You probably aren't the only one. In today's post, Rob offers a few suggestions on finding the right fit for your website or conversion goals.  Continue reading

Follow the Arrow

March 30, 2016  - It's simple: adding arrows has been shown to increase visitors' interactions within websites. We break down the research to demonstrate how well-placed arrows can lead your website's traffic to act.  Continue reading

Would Your Business Benefit From a Website Blueprint?

March 16, 2016  - You've heard us talk about our Website Blueprint process before. If you've ever found yourself wondering if this route is right for your company, read today's post.  Continue reading

Our Colorado Web Development Company RAISED Their Bottom-Line by 52%

March 02, 2016  - This Followbright client was able to rework their uncomfortable website while maintaining their search engine rankings and increasing their sales. Here's how we did it.  Continue reading

To Make Your Website More Successful, You MUST Get to The Heart of the Matter

February 24, 2016  - Oftentimes, our web agency is approached to help re-design an underperforming website. Just as often, we uncover that poor performance isn't a result of the design, but one of these common problems.  Continue reading

Insights from Sam: Can Businesses Spend Too Much on Google AdWords?

February 17, 2016  - In this last post in our series "Insights From Sam", Sam breaks down budgeting for Google AdWords. Is it possible for an AdWords account to run-away with spend? Where SHOULD your budget numbers come from?  Continue reading

Clarifying Consulting: For Those on the Fence about Investing in Web Consulting

February 10, 2016  - In this post from our series "Clarifying Consulting" Rob, our lead strategist, evaluates when (and how) web consulting can help you.  Continue reading

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