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Your vision of success is unique, so your project pricing will be too.

We originally had a lengthy, menu-style list of prices on this page. However, actual project fees varied so much from the averages we posted here that our numbers only caused confusion.  So we removed them, and now discuss budget during our first conversation with prospective clients.

Investments with Followbright vary widely, depending clients' specific needs. We do not offer set-in-stone packages that box you in; each project we work on is unique—meaning the pricing for each project is unique as well.  This being said, typically businesses that work with our team have a minimum of $10k they've allocated toward the improvement of their sites.  

We build long-term relationships with our clients, and most of them partner with us long after the completion of their initial projects. They understand successful websites are not "one and done" endeavors. To be effective, a website requires ongoing care, improvements, and maintenance (much like a car or a home). Most of our clients set aside a percentage of their annual marketing budget to maintain, protect, and improve their websites year after year.

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